Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Showoff Hair extensions have brought you the most beautiful hair in micro loops or nanos. We stand out from the rest of our competitors because the hair we supply is pure Italian and Russian  hair and is the same thickness from root to tip. Each strand is 1gm and our micro rings that are attached to each strand are smaller and less visible. The hair has body to make it look more natural.

  Nano Hair Extensions
Nano Rings have proved to be the most popular and quickest of the ring application methods. The nano ring is the smallest ring yet, its slipped onto a strand of hair first, followed by the wire tipped virgin remy extension strand which is inserted through the back of the ring and clamped flat. A nano ring strand is applied in seconds!
These types of extensions use an aluminium wire and what is known as a nano ring, the smallest ring available. Lined with silicone and finished in matching hair colours to gently grip your hair extensions into place, meaning there is no glue, heat or braiding used.

Micro loops Hair extensions
Micro Loop extensions use a robust plastic loop at the top of each tip which loops over a strand of your hair and slides up, on release of the loop, the mirco ring is in place and can be clamped down for stability. There is no glue, heat or braiding used to fix them in place. This makes these some of the safest methods of applying real hair extensions.
The loops fasten discreetly and comfortably close to the scalp, making them all but invisible


All our tools are available in our online shop  or salon. They are ergonomically designed to make your life easier when applying the extensions.

We will be constantly adding new items to our shop so please check back regularly for the latest additions. 

Our training school will be ready in August. I will be teaching you all the techniques of extensions, maintenance and customer care. More information will follow shortly. 

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